FAYME is a company with three decades of experience in the manufacture of metal objects which works for sectors as diverse as food, agriculture, car industry, electronics, lighting and laboratories.

Its specialties are metal pieces, customized and made to measure, from furniture to containers or casings of all types.

Founded in 1987 and located in the historical Colonia Sedó in Esparreguera, in the Baix Llobregat region, FAYME has the technical office, the staff, the machinery and the necessary experience to offer solutions to all types of projects and we work with multinational companies as well with small businesses.

From its plant in Can Sedó, FAYME covers all the stages of the process: the embodiment of the idea into a plan or design, its production, its finishing, and its assembly and packaging. Just ask for an estimate.

Historical Enclave

Located next to the current A-2 motorway, in Esparreguera, the Colonia Sedó has been an important enclave of the Catalan textile. It was founded in the mid-nineteenth century and it operated until 1980. It currently houses the Museum of the Colonia Sedó and an industrial estate that accommodates various companies, such as FAYME (since 1987).